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We are proud of our dedicated team

Everyone at Healthcare 2000 Clinics plays an important part in your care. The members of the team who answer your telephone calls and greet you as you come in, the Chiropractors and other Practitioners who provide your care and the administration staff who work behind the scenes are all there to make your experience a positive one.

Our Front Desk Team

Chippenham Front DeskWe have a dedicated front desk team at Semington and Chippenham.  The Semington team take all the phonecalls and manage the emails, with overflow at busy times to the administration staff in the background.

Our practices in Melksham and Corsham are embedded in local GP practices and the staff there will direct you to a reception area and will notify the practitioner that you have arrived.

Click Meet the Receptionists to be introduced to our front desk team at Semington and Chippenham.



Typical lumbar vertebraMichael, who graduated with top award, the Canadian Prize for the Best all-round Student of 1977,

Kate, who was awarded the title Clinician of the Year back in 2009.

Our chiropractors continue to strive for excellence and have never stopped learning. Michael is joined by a skilled team of Chiropractic Assistants to provide auxiliary care.

Click Meet the Chiropractors to read of their experience and achievements and to learn more about our Chiropractic Assistants.

Other members of our Healthcare Team

In addition to our Chiropractic services, Healthcare 2000 Clinics provide Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy, Chiropody and Acupuncture. Click Meet the Healthcare Team to become acquainted with these other skilled practitioners.

The Administrators behind the scenes

To be successful every organisation needs a dedicated team to manage the day to day running of the premises, to hire and direct the staff, to manage the accounts and to deal with the problems that can occur from time to time in any healthcare practice.

Practice MeetingThe Clinic Director, The Practice Manager and The Administrator have essential roles to play. They take the pressure off the Practitioners so they can concentrate on getting their patients well and keeping them well, they coordinate regular Practice Meetings to ensure that things run smoothly and they deal with patient queries on Health Insurance Claims and other matters that patients may be concerned or worried about. The Practice Manager is responsible for operating the Practice Complaints Procedure on the very rare occasion that things might go wrong.


Click Meet the Administrators to see the faces behind the scenes.


Team Meetings

Every member of our team plays a vital role in fulfilling our mission, which is to empower our patients to get well and stay well. Not only do we seek to meet the expectations of our patients - we seek to exceed them. The team gets together regularly throughout the year to learn from each other, to solve any challenges and to seek how we can improve our service.

November team meeting

 Members of the Healthcare 2000 Clinics team at our November 2014 meeting



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