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“Not all Chiropractors are the same! Patients often travel huge distances to see Michael, such is his skill. As a patient for over 10 years, I can’t recommend him highly enough.” (A.R.K.)


"Five stars just doesn't seem enough! Tony has helped me enormously after being in pain for 8 years. I had tried many other treatments/chiropractic/physio and even the Bowen technique and no-one has ever come close! He truly is my hero! I am exercising again and enjoying every minute of it. Thank you so much Tony you will never know how grateful I am that I picked up the phone and called you that day! I have my life back!" (M.W.)


"After a period of pain enough was enough. After talking to a good friend they suggested I should perhaps take a visit to see Kate Mosedale at Healthcare 2000. After meeting various physios and chiropractors over the years this was a totally refreshing change. Kate was interested not only in the site of the injury but the whole of my skeleton and muscle structure. Kate wanted to know what I had been doing from my very youth up until today. Talking to me and investigating like a well versed detective. It wasn’t the injury that Kate was investigating it was the impact of everything I had done over the years culminating in the pain I now had.
After my first visit with Kate, with the techniques she used I had very little pain left at all, everything had calmed down only after a few hours”


“A true professional, who I have known for over 30 years. Still maintaining my family, over three generations. My 92 year old Mother adores Michael” (C.J.G.)


A few months ago I woke up one Tuesday morning to find I was suffering from sciatica but, what was worse for me was I had lost control of my left leg which left me with restricted movement and a severe limp. After 36 hours the pain had increased so much that my work colleagues said they could visibly see me suffering and I could not sleep the night through. At this point my wife googled for a chiropractor and Tony Honeker came up in the search results. Tony was able to see me within 24 hours as my wife explained how bad my condition was. So I saw Tony on the Friday evening of that week. After the initial consultation and treatment I felt no difference but by the Saturday evening my pain had gone completely and I slept the night through. Tony then treated me twice weekly for my limp and after a couple of weeks my body started to respond and my limp began to diminish...several weeks later my limp was gone! - all thanks to Tony. (B.A.)


"I was first treated by Michael Copland-Griffiths in 1997. I had been suffering lower back pain for two years; doctors had been unable to help me and a colleague suggested I should consult Michael. That first visit set me on the road to recovery and Michael has also treated several other injuries I have suffered since then. Recently I suffered sever hip pain and, after an X-ray, my GP suggested further tests for osteoporosis (I am 72 years of age). I began to think that the pain was probably going to be with me for the rest of my life but my husband, also a regular patient of Michael's, suggested that I should ask whether Michael could help. I made an appointment, and 40 minutes later, I walked out of his clinic with no pain. What more can I say of a skilled professional man. Thank you Michael and staff." (S.N.)


"I can't recommend them enough! Tony helped me massively with my problems with my knees, back, adjustments to my neck to stop my headaches and even adjusting my hands & wrists for my guitar playing! Seriously, just try it!" (S.B.)


"I would like to thank you and your lovely staff; Mike, Mai, your lovely receptionists and of course, yourself, for being so kind and understanding when I was feeling pretty low" (D.Q.)


"It was one of my better decisions some 25 years ago to ignore my then GPs advice about my back problems: 'there is nothing that can be done about it!' and to follow my cousin's advice and contact you. In the years between then and now you and your treatments have made an immeasurable contribution to my enjoyment of life: my gratitude knows no bounds. My grateful thanks, too, to Mai and, very specially Sue, for treatment over many years. Also my thanks to the ever helpful receptionists at Hathaway!" (D.W.)


"Very understanding of my situation, look after me well and always at the end of the phone. Massive thank you as my session on Friday helped me keep my plans this weekend." (Z.P.)


"I'm sorry to be leaving your excellent practice which has been helping me ever since those most painful days back in early 1996.  First Destiny Costley and then yourself have both been lifesavers in my opinion!" (C.M.)


"Thank you for looking after my neck and back Michael. A big thanks to your lovely staff too. You are all awesome." (O)


"Yab adab a doo. It's all good now. Thanks Kate!" (J)


"Kate, all now relaxed. Many thanks as ever." (G)




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