Chiropractic Fees

Services                                                                                                       Fees

Initial ten minute screening1                                                                          Free

First Appointment                                      up to 60 minutes                         £50.00

Report of findings (2nd appointment)        up to 40 minutes                         £44.00

Follow-up treatments                                 up to 20 minutes                         £44.00


BLOCK BOOKINGS - 8 treatments for the price of 7 when paid in advance £308.00

See terms and conditions of Block Bookings under NOTES, below 2


Healthcare 2000 membership New Patient referral

New patients referred by existing patients are offered a £5.00 reduction: (Click here to learn more about membership)

Healthcare 2000 members

Follow-up treatment                                  up to 20 minutes                       £42.00


1 Initial ten minute screening is an opportunity for you to briefly talk to a Chiropractor to discuss your condition and   explore with them whether chiropractic is likely to help you.

2 Block Bookings: Refunds are available for unused treatments.

Members of the Chiropractic Patients Association

Follow-up treatment                                     up to 20 minutes                      £42.00

(click CPA for more about this patient support group)




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