• neck palpation | 17
    Chiropractic neck motion palpation in an older patient
  • pillow advice | 17
    Now I know how my pillow should support my neck at night
  • observing neck motion | 17
    Assessing neck motion for an insurance claim
  • Soft tissue therapy to the shoulder | 17
    Deep soft tissue therapy to the shoulder
  • understanding low back pain | 17
    Now I understand my low back pain and sciatica
  • shoulder pain | 17
    Michael explained my shoulder pain
  • observing toddler | 17
    Kate observing toddler's development
  • car seat advice | 17
    Michael helped me improve my car seat position
  •  | 17
    Physiotherapy electrotherapy on a teenage patient
  • acupuncture for low back pain | 17
    Michael applies needles to relieve low back pain
  •  | 17
    Ivor uses Acupuncture Dry Needling for pain relief
  • chiropractic questions | 17
    Jenny answered my questions about chiropractic
  • neck palpation | 17
    Kate's gentle chiropractic neck palpation
  • observing toddler | 17
    Kate observing toddler's development
  • Acupuncture for shoulder pain | 17
    Kate applies needles for migraine and headaches
  • exercise teaching | 17
    Michael coached me through my exercises
  • child neck palpation | 17
    Gentle chiropractic neck palpation in a child

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