• Gym Ball exercise | 9
    Teaching a floor Gym Ball Exercise
  • Deep sports therapy | 9
    Remedial massage to the shoulder
  • Soft tissue therapy to the shoulder | 9
    Deep soft tissue therapy to the shoulder
  • Sports therapy for low back | 9
    Mobilisation of the low back
  • Brett Jackson, Sports Therapist | 9
    Brett Jackson, Sports Therapist
  • Mobilising the hip | 9
    Mobilising the hip
  • Applying ice to the knee | 9
    Using ice therapy for the knee
  • Teaching the Piriformis Stretch  | 9
    Teaching the Piriformis Stretch exercise
  • stretching the sacroiliac | 9
    Mobilising the hip and sacroiliac

Sports Therapy and Remedial Massage

Sports therapy at Semington

Sports therapy and Remedial Massage in Semington


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Brett Jackson became interested in sports therapy due to an early commitment to amateur cycling and snow boarding in Europe.

After securing qualifications in Practical Zen Shiatsu and an ITEC in Holistic Massage, Anatomy & Physiology Brett secured his certificate in Sports Massage in 1999. Since then he has developed a busy practice in London but on moving to Westbury has developed a Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation practice in Semington on Thursdays.

shoulder sports therapyBrett treats a wide range of sports injuries using a wide variety of soft tissue techniques, including ice, stretching, mobilisation and retraining. He advises on specific exercise routines at home or in the gym to support his hands on work in the clinic.

Sports massage is a beneficial therapy for anyone who exercises.  It favours injury prevention and management by monitoring the condition of the soft tissues.

sports therapy exerciseA variety of stroke techniques are used to treat areas of tension, fibrosis and any scar tissue. An invigorating massage reduces muscle tension and lactic acid and, in conjunction with passive stretching, will help speed recovery.


Sports therapy Stretches

Sports Massage promotes recovery, flexibility and quality of performance.

At the initial session the therapist will take a through medical case history. This will help provide a diagnosis upon which to work so that the method of treatment can be tailored to the patient's needs.  It will also determine whether the patient should be referred elsewhere if massage is not appropriate for the condition.

If appropriate, the patient is offered a gown to wear and changes in an adjoining cubicle.


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