August Newsletter 2016



How to enjoy a happy, pain-free holiday...

... just follow these simple holiday rules from chiropractor and Healthcare 2000 Clinics Director Michael Copland-Griffiths.
So many holidays are ruined by bad lifting at the airport before boarding has even taken place or during the return journey when overloaded suitcases often result in back, neck and shoulder problems. You should know this already, but always remember to bend from your knees and hips when lifting and keep a wide base by placing your feet a bit further apart. It'll help you feel more stable.

There is always so much to do before you travel and we often risk sacrificing our holidays by leaving it all to the last minute. Make sure you are packed and ready to go well in advance and get plenty of sleep before you set out. Tiredness makes you more susceptible to injury, so hauling suitcases out of the car boot, loading them on and off carousels and fighting to fit the cabin luggage into overhead lockers can lead to disaster if you are tired.

Once in the sun take care lying on sunbeds. Lying on your tummy propped up on your elbows to read a book can stress the facet joints in your lower lumbar spine. As you lie in the warmth the joint capsules and ligaments relax and overstretch allowing the facets to compress and become inflamed. The facets are densely populated with nerve receptors, which is why even an hour or so innocently relaxing on the sunbed can lead to excruciating pain.  


Chiro patient goes mad for charity

A Healthcare 2000 Clinics patient has been coming in for regular chiropractic tune ups over the past few months in preparation for a mammoth cycle ride, which will see him biking more than 1,000 miles across the UK from John O' Groats to Land's End.

"Yes the rumours are true," confirms Jon Webster from Trowbridge, who confesses he hasn't done anywhere near enough training for the event. "On the 2nd August I start a bike ride from John O' Groats to Land's End, also taking in Dunnet Head and Lizard Point so that I will also have visited the northern and southernmost points of the mainland."
He continues, "There is a greater purpose to this challenge than pure masochism or even some sort of mid-life crisis, I am trying to do something really useful and raise money for three charities that are very close to my heart. In riding the length of the country, I will journey just over 1,000 miles and climb well over the height of Everest. What I am asking from you is that in return for having a laugh at the thought of me struggling up hills, you put your hand in your pocket. My aim is to raise over £10,000, which will be split between Help for Heroes, The Royal Marines Charity and Alzheimer's Support."

Jon is hoping to complete his journey in two weeks or less! If you like to sponsor him, you can do so by following this link Please don't forget to Gift Aid! It doesn't cost you anything, but it will give an extra 25% to charity. Join us as we keep up to date with Jon's progress throughout his great challenge. You can follow him at


Free back to school check ups

Before we know it, the summer holidays have been and gone and the kids go back to school. To ensure your child feels his or her best when school opens its doors in September, our chiropractors are carrying out free
15-minute 'Back to school' check ups throughout August for all school aged children. Call 0800 1277714 or email us on to book a slot.

A good posture is vital for young school goers, whose bodies are still developing and growing, as sitting for long period of times and carrying loads of heavy books to and from school can strain muscles and joints and may potentially cause back pain. Our team of highly skilled chiropractors is always on hand to answer any questions that you may have about your child's musculoskeletal system or posture. Michael, Kate and Tony are happy to show how to carry a backpack correctly or any other type of bag for that matter.


Who is away on holiday and when this summer?

During August, all three of our chiropractors are on holiday at one point or another. Kate returns to work on Thursday 4th August and the following day Tony is off to Sweden. He is back again on Tuesday 16th. A few days before this, Michael is flying out to Ukraine to join the rest of his family for a well deserved break. He is leaving on Sunday 14th and will return to work again following the bank holiday. To book an appointment or to rearrange an existing one, please call us on 0800 1244417.







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