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As summer approaches, the rush to get the garden ready is on. At times, it can feel like mowing and weeding is needed almost every weekend as the combination of warmer weather and increased sunlight give the plants their growth spurts. This increase in gardening can lead to more aches, pains and even injuries, unless precautions are taken.

Gardening may appear to be a relatively restful activity, however the actions required differ considerably to those performed during the rest of the year. Prolonged bending, stooping, lifting, twisting, mowing and digging can place considerable stresses on the ligaments, muscles and joints of the spine, causing them to become inflamed and tender. This in turn can trigger a protective muscle spasm, giving rise to a deeper, duller achy pain that can occur over the days that follow.

It is important to warm up before any activity is started. The simplest way is to go for a brisk walk. This helps to loosen muscles.

Gardening Tips
A few very simple tips and changes in technique can also help keep injury at bay:

  • Vary the tasks into short bursts of different activities rather than working all day at a particular task.
  • Use a cushion to kneel on or a gardening stool rather than bending down repeatedly from the hips.
  • Try to keep the stomach braced as much as possible.
  • Resist the temptation to swing a hover mower from side to side – mow forwards and backwards as you would with a conventional cylinder mower
  • When digging, try and keep your abdomen braced with your legs comfortably well spaced apart. Use your legs rather than your back.

Exercise and keep fit so that you can enjoy your gardening, rather than using your gardening as an exercise to keep fit!

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